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Will 2008 go down in history?

Will 2008 be the new 2005?

Is 2008 going to be the new 2005?  Is it going to go down in history as the year that everybody wished they had a bought a home, just as 2005 went down as the year everyone wished they had sold their home?  Unfortunately it is rapidly becoming a case of where one man's "mis"fortune is another man's "good" fortune.  There certainly are some spectacular deals for the taking out there if you look for them and even better ones if you have time on your hands to wait for a bank decision.  A few builders got greedy and are now paying the piper, at the benefit of savvy home buyers. Spec homes are being picked off quickly further depleting existing inventory and cautious builders are pre-selling homes prior to building to guarantee their profit margins.


There is no time like the present for anyone even considering buying.  Bear in mind that interest rates remain at historically low levels.  It's time to capitalize and take advantage of this market before it begins to rebound and stablilize   In general we learn from our mistakes, thus there probably won't be another opportunity to purchase discounted homes like this for many years to come.   This fire sale won't last forever, and "you'll need to get while the going's good."  The bottom line is everyone needs a place to live, and if this market affords some people who otherwise would not be granted this opportunity (more first time buyers), then maybe this is a GOOD thing.  you think? 

For those of you still on the fence, call me for information on how to make this market work for you.



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